Unhardened, general purpose, flat washers.


5. Chemical Composition

5.1 Composition Limits:

5.1.1 The washers shall be steel, and unless otherwise specified, shall have no specified chemical composition re quirements.

5.1.2 When required, the washers shall be specified to conform to specific chemical requirements.

5.2 Manufacturer's Analysis—When specific chemical re quirements have been specified and test reports are required, the manufacturer shall make individual analyses of randomly selected washers from the product to be shipped and report the results to the purchaser. In addition, if heat and lot identities have been maintained, the analysis of the raw material from which the fasteners have been manufactured shall, at the option of the manufacturer, be reported instead of product analysis.

5.3 Product Analysis—When specific chemical require ments have been specified, the purchaser reserves the right to conduct product analyses on the finished washers or request the manufacturer to conduct product analyses. The chemical com position thus determined shall conform to the specified require ments subject to the standard permissible variations for product analysis in Specification A 568/A 568M for washers punched from sheet; and Specification A 29/A 29M for washers ma chined from bar and tubing, or forged.


6.Mechanical Properties

6.1 Unless otherwise specified, the washers are not fur nished to mechanical requirements.

6.2 When required and specified, the washers shall conform to the specified hardness.

Washer faces shall be flat within the following requirements:

Outside Diameter Out of Flat, inches,
inches maximum
0.500 and less 0.007
0.5625 through 1.250 0.010
over 1.250 0.015


Mechanical Properties
Unless otherwise specified, F844 washer are not furnished to any mechanical requirements.
Chemical Requirements
Washers shall be steel, and unless otherwise specified, are not furnished to any chemical composition requirements.
Dimensional Requirements
Washers are typically supplied per ASME B18.22.1, standard flat washer dimensions.
Available Coatings
Plain finish or hot dip galvanized.